Quirky, Low Maintenance Pets

Are the kids pestering you for a cat or dog, but you’re not up to the cost (and maintenance!) of those lovely pets? Why not start with something a little simpler, like these six quirky, low maintenance pets that are sure not to “bug” you…sorry, I couldn’t resist. We’ve listed them here in order of […]

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What To Do If You Have Bed Bugs

Every day, we get calls from people with questions about bed bugs. Most people know what they are, but we also field questions like: What do bed bugs look like? Where do bed bugs come from? How do I know if I have bed bugs in my house? These questions need a little more clarification, […]

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Pest Control for Boats

For many of us lucky Floridians, summertime includes weekends and vacations on the water with family and friends. Nowhere else in the country is boating more popular than right here in Florida where water surrounds us. As a long time sailor and boating fanatic, I want to take just as much care with my boat […]

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Pest Control for RVs and Campers

When we think of pest control for our living space, we all can identify the home and workplace as obvious areas of concern. For many, though, “living space” includes a recreational vehicle! Why wouldn’t we want to protect this part-time living space just as thoroughly? Here are a few tips for pest control for RVs […]

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Controlling Mosquitoes in Your Backyard

When we think of living in idyllic Florida, the images that probably come to mind include beaches, parks, and relaxing in our own back yards. The fantastic weather we enjoy makes all this possible nearly year-round. However, there’s one thing that can interfere with these outdoor activities: mosquitoes. Besides the outright annoyance factor, why should […]

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Beautiful Bugs: Learning About Ladybugs

Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly Away Home… …and hopefully, that’s your garden!   In the world of beneficial insects, ladybugs (known as “ladybirds” in the UK) are probably the most well known after the honeybee. Many cultures consider ladybugs to be lucky omens; for instance, the Turkish name is uğur böceği, literally meaning “good luck bug.” In […]

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What Are Drywood Termites?

Termites. The word often strikes fear into the heart of any homeowner. A tent full of poison over their home? Nasty little creatures gnawing away in the night? Drywood termites are undoubtedly unpleasant to think about, and can become a genuine problem for homeowners. The good news is that they can be easily prevented if […]

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Getting to Know Carpenter Bees

Springtime in Florida can bring with it more to homeowners than just blue skies and flower blossoms. It can also mean carpenter bees. Carpenter bees are problematic nationwide but are of particular interest to Floridians living in homes with wood trim, eaves, or fences. These features are the perfect habitat for carpenter bees, which bring […]

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How to Get Rid of Ants

The biggest pest problem faced by most Florida homeowners this year is ants. If you’re seeing ants in your home and want to get rid of them, all you need to do is follow a few easy steps. Don’t be tempted to use that can of aerosol bug spray on the shelf. It will only […]

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Preparing for Termites Swarming Season

Those of us who have lived in east central Florida for any length of time know that as soon the temperature nears 80 degrees in the spring, something happens. It’s coming. SWARMING SEASON. Yes indeed; on the first warm spring day, Mother Nature will flip the switch and subterranean termites will begin to swarm. Springtime […]

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