Everything You Need to Know About Houseplants, Pests, and Pets

Adding plants to your interior decor is an excellent way to rid your home of unpleasant odors and create a natural environment. On the other hand, indoor greenery can also bring in unwanted pests, and some leafy species can even be harmful to your pets.  So how do you pick household plants that won’t cause havoc in […]

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Beautiful Bugs: Moths

This month we’re coming to you with another installation in our “Beautiful Bugs” series—about moths! The world of moths is a fascinating one to explore. These little winged creatures are far from boring, and play a vital role in our natural environment. Moths come in all shapes and sizes, and can spend hours circling your […]

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Antlions: The Real Life Sarlacc

Unless you’re a real seasoned gardener or an entomologist, you may never have heard of the “antlion,” but this sometimes-big sometimes-small garden warrior is worth knowing. By the end, you’ll be thankful that they call your garden “home.” Let’s dig right in.  What Are Antlions? Is it a dragonfly?  Is it a lacewing? No, it’s […]

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WARNING: Formosan Termites Have Arrived in Volusia County

Here in Florida, termites are as much a part of our lives as sunburns and hurricanes. As residents of the Sunshine State, we should be concerned about all these things, but not really fearful of them.  When it comes to termites, though, there is a new player in the game in Volusia County: the Formosan Termite. Here’s what you […]

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Avoiding + Removing Ticks from Pets + People

In Volusia County, summer brings with it sunny days, cool(ish) breezes, salty hair, and sticky skin. Unfortunately, sometimes a few not-so-fun things like ticks come hand-in-hand with the warmer months—which in Florida means most of the year! Ticks are so common around here that it can be easy to stop taking them seriously, but this […]

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Preventing Ants and Roaches on Your Boat

Scenario: for months you’ve been planning to take your boat out for a spin on a boating adventure. The day finally arrives, and you hop on board only to discover you have company—and no, we’re not talking about a pleasant surprise from your fishing buddy. We’re talking about uninvited guests that have no intention of letting you […]

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Do Wasps Have Any Redeeming Value, or Do They Just Suck?

Most of us grew up fearing the sting of the mighty wasp. As a child, how many times were you warned by your parents to stay away from the hedge (or a corner of the yard) because of a wasp nest? Maybe you’ve even been stung once or twice—it’s hard to forget, after all. It’s […]

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Backyard Buddies: Rocky Raccoon and The Gang

The perks of owning a backyard are pretty plentiful. There’s plenty of room for kids (or future kids) to run around, you can finally adopt that dog you’ve always wanted, and you have more private space for gardening and entertaining. Sounds nice, right? BUT amidst all this domestic bliss, while you were creating the perfect […]

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How Chinch Bugs Can Ruin Your Florida Lawn

Chinch bugs can cause a shudder down the spine of any homeowner or lawn care devotee, and rightly so. This minuscule bug causes millions of dollars of damage to property in Florida each year. Here’s what you need to know about cinch bugs, how to identify chinch bugs in your lawn, and what to do […]

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Do Lovebugs Really Damage the Paint on Your Car?

There’s a joke that floats around the internet every now and again that says, “Florida has four seasons just like everywhere else: hurricane season, love bug season, tourist season, and summer.” Lovebug season is up, and only Floridians can relate to the unique frustrations caused by these strange little beasts, who inspire everything but love in us. […]

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