Identifying & Getting Rid Of Fleas

January is such a great time of year—a fresh start, boosted motivation, excitement for the future, and… fleas ?! Yes, right around January and through the spring our phone starts ringing off the hook with calls about these pesky critters. Their small size is hardly indicative of the level of vexation they can cause you, […]

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The Basics of Marine Pest Control

As a long time sailor and Florida resident, I enjoy spending a lot of my free time out on the water. When I’m on the dock, by the very nature of my profession I am often asked about Marine Pest Control. How can I prevent pests on my boat? As we always say, the best […]

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Florida Realtor: Learn How Universal Pest Control Can Help You and Homeowners

Facilitating the sale of real estate is a serious matter involving many details. A realtor must schedule and respond to the needs of buyers, sellers, banks, appraisers, inspectors and more. At Universal Pest Control, our staff is sensitive to the needs of area realtors. From the first call to our office to schedule a Wood […]

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Eliminating Pantry Pests

Preventing Pests in Your Pantry and Kitchen “Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup…and in the flour…and in the rice?! YUCK! Pantry pests!” “Pantry pest” is a general term we in the pest control industry use to describe bugs commonly found in stored food items. The most common pests we encounter in Florida are the […]

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How to Rid Your Home of Palmetto Bugs

Say Goodbye to Palmetto Bugs For Good American roaches, known in central Florida as palmetto bugs, can sometimes be a problem for homeowners. Although they prefer to be outdoors, they will sometimes make their way into your home. Three things make palmetto bugs such a nuisance: They’re big They’re very fast They can fly If […]

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How to Choose a Pest Control Company

Choosing a Daytona pest control company isn’t as easy as looking online and finding the cheapest contractor available. At least, it shouldn’t be. Choosing a pest control company is much more important than that. The contractor you choose will be working inside your home with products that could affect the health of your family. Hiring […]

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How to Develop A “Green” Pest Control Program For Your Home

What is considered eco-friendly pest control? During a recent conversation with an acquaintance, the subject turned to the environment and pest control. This do-it-yourselfer asked, “I want to be eco-friendly. What is the best approach to keep my home pest-free while still respecting the environment?” This wasn’t the first time I’ve heard this question and […]

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