Can a tree doctor protect and improve the health of your trees?

Our tree doctor can protect the health of your trees

In the same way that our lawns and ornamental shrubs need protection from insects and fungi, so do our trees. Universal Pest Control has a tree doctor program designed to keep the canopy of trees in your yard healthy and free of disease. So if you are concerned about the health of the trees at your home, keep reading about how our tree doctor service can improve their health and lengthen their lifespan.

Can a tree doctor bring a sick tree back to good health?

Usually! There are no guarantees, but a visit from the Universal Pest Control tree doctor for an injection can help the tree fight off pests and fungus that can damage its health. Often, trees that look like they are in need of removal, can be saved with a series of injections from the tree doctor and our revolutionary trunk injection technology.

Our program is designed to improve the health of diseased and insect stricken trees as well as provide nutrients for healthy growth and recovery.

How does trunk injection work?

A small plug is inserted into a hole drilled in the tree. Then a needle is inserted into the plug and the tree doctor injects the correct dose of treatment for that particular tree.

Our tree doctor performing a trunk injection to a sick tree

The tree’s natural transport system takes it from there. The same system that transports water from the roots to the leaves will pickup the precise dose from the trunk injection and distribute it around the tree. Formulations are distributed quickly around the entire tree, from the trunk, to the branches and the leaf tissue.

The plug remains in the tree to keep the injected formulation inside the tree, and stays in the tree with no adverse reactions. Eventually the tree grows right over the plug!

Can healthy trees benefit from a tree doctor?

That’s simple, the answer is yes. Because when a tree has all of the protection it needs, it is healthier and better able to fight off insects and fungus that are damaging to the tree’s health. So just like people benefit from seeing a doctor for a checkup regularly, trees can benefit from a regular visit from a tree doctor.

How much does trunk injection from the tree doctor cost?

It varies based on a few different factors, but it’s free to find out the cost for trunk injection. Call us and our tree doctor will visit your property, measure the tree or trees that are to be treated, and determine the best course of treatment based on their overall health. Trees that are severely impacted by insects or fungus may require more than one treatment. On the other hand, a healthy tree might need only a single treatment to improve it’s health and growth and protect it from whatever is causing damage to any sick trees in your yard.

Again, the phone call and visit are free and we never send a high-pressure sales person. Just a highly trained professional whose interest is solely in providing the best treatment for your trees.

Who else uses trunk injection?

The same technology that our tree doctor uses to treat trees in Volusia and Flagler county is used all over the country by the USDA Forest Service. Many city foresters use trunk injection to protect trees in parks and public grounds from insects and fungi. And resorts all over the country use it to protect the trees that beautify their property.

Is having the tree doctor come treat my trees environmentally responsible?

Yes. It is definitely the right thing to do for the environment. Universal Pest Control is very careful about respecting and protecting our environment. After all, our slogan is “Destroying Pests Not The Planet.”

That means you can be sure that nothing the tree doctor uses to treat your trees is going to harm mother nature.

Why choose Universal Pest Control as your tree doctor?

Our trunk injection technology is fast acting, so it can improve the health of your trees quickly, avoiding additional damage and making them stronger.

It is a very effective way of delivering precisely dosed treatments to improve the health of your trees.

It is environmentally responsible to have as many healthy trees as possible.

The treatment is long lasting and will have a positive effect on the health of your trees for years to come.

Is calling the tree doctor better than removing the tree?

Absolutely! Please call us before making the decision to remove a tree as the result of disease or insects. There is no cost for the tree doctor to come and assess the health of your trees and determine if they are likely to come back to a healthy state with our treatment.

Also, treatment from the tree doctor is often less expensive than hiring a tree service to remove the tree. So it is win-win. You save money, and keep a beautiful tree that adds value to your property.

So there is no downside to calling the Universal Pest Control tree doctor.

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