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Amanda3866274407General InquiryInspection: 1/26/23- inspector Jake
Rang door bell at 11:42! Handed over the report - already filled in) very fast walk around the perimeter of the house ( small house) and was walking back to vehicle at 11:44.
Really! Can this unacceptable inspection be addressed prior to reviews being put on-line?
Neel Daphtary6108906854General InquiryHave you noticed excessive grease or odors in your pump stations? If you work for a municipality, public works, township with sewers, or treatment plant—we can help.

Some of the plant operators we’ve worked with have had issues with high BOD, Ammonia, foaming, and settling of solids in the clarifiers at the treatment plant prior to working with us.

Chemtech International’s Microbe-Lift can reduce sludge production by up to 50% and reduces corrosion from H2S in treatment plants.

May I give you more information on our Microbe-Lift treatment?

Thank you for your time,

Neel K. Daphtary
Chemtech International Inc

“After 30 days of treatment, operators noticed the following: Reduction of grease in pump stations; grease cakes were eliminated, and only a few small balls of grease were noticeable; H2S odors were drastically reduced and not noticeable; Force Main grease buildup was broken down and cleaned out of line. I would like to thank Chemtech International for helping us solve our FOG problems and we would highly recommend that other municipalities consider Microbe-Lift.” —Leland Newell, Operations Manager, Whitemarsh Township Authority

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manuel blanco3053228569Free QuoteI have termites and need a tent fumigation in my house
362 Hartford ave, Daytona Beach fl 32118
Richard Frank9045048041Free Quote,Termite Treatments/Inspections,Tubes-In-The-Wall ProgramMy termite warranty on my 1yr old home in DeLand is up for renewal. I am interested in a termite warranty and I am open to changing my regular home pest control service01-23-2023
sue e perry3866901147FumigationsThere is no contract attached with your email ??
Please resend so I can sign your contract and send you your deposit for treatment at 104 West Pine Bluff, Edgewater, Fl 32132 on January 30 th

Thank you
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