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A lawn spray service is a big part of having a healthy, green lawn year round. That’s because much of the Daytona Area has sandy soil. So it helps to add nutrients a few times a year. Those nutrients, along with water and sun are the things that grass needs to be healthy.

The value of a healthy lawn

A healthy green lawn adds value to your property. Whether you are planning to sell your house or not, good property value is a good thing. That’s because your home is most folk’s biggest asset. A green, lush lawn is a low cost way to add value.

Is a lawn spray service safe for the environment?

Not only that, it is also is better for the Florida’s water. That’s because a healthy lawn treated with a lawn spray service will send water back to the aquifer instead of into a storm drain. It also helps control weeds, insects and fungi. And those can all be bad for the environment as well. Especially invasive bugs, which our lawn spray techs are able id on site.

It works for ornamental shrubs as well

Nothing makes a healthy green lawn shine like lush landscaping to go with it. Luckily, our lawn spray techs know shrubs just as well as grass. That means they know what keeps shrubs healthy and bug free all year long.

So if you have been looking at your lawn and wondering how to make it look better call us. At universal pest Control, our Lawn Spray Service is just as concerned about happy customers as we are about the planet. So let us come and give a free assessment of your lawn and landscaping. It will be healthier and more beautiful, as well as better for the planet.

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