Volusia County Pest Control

Volusia County pest control is something we know a lot about. That’s because we have been doing it for over 25 years. So we know the bugs that are likely to be in and around your home. And what times of year they are likely to be there.

We know the architecture. That means we know how the buildings in Volusia County are built. As a result, we know how to

treat them in the most effective way. So whether it is a Crawl space, modular, slab, or stilts, we have seen it all. And we know how to treat it all.

We are Volusia County pest control experts.

Did you find a bug in your home and are concerned it is a termite? Call us or send us a picture. A lot of times it is not a termite. And probably nothing to worry about. But you want to know for sure. Only experts in pest control can know. And whether you have termites or not, it is best to be sure!

If it is a termite, we can help. from spot treatments to whole home tenting, we will provide the treatment you need. And when you speak to someone from our company, you will be talking to a pest control expert, not a salesperson. So there is not incentive to up sell you to meet a monthly quota. Our only interest is getting you the best solution to your pest control problem possible.

We service all of Volusia County

We are local family owned and operated. But that does not mean we are small. We have enough trucks to cover all of Volusia county, East to West and North to South. So if you have a pest control problem anywhere in Volusia County, call Universal. You will not regret it.

We provide honest answers to your
termite and pest control questions.

Contact Universal Pest Control Call us at (386) 673‑1557, email us at Info@BugAndTermiteControl.com, or fill out the form below and we will be in touch.
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