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The biggest pest problem faced by most Florida homeowners this year is ants. If you’re seeing ants in your home and want to get rid of them, all you need to do is follow a few easy steps.

Don’t be tempted to use that can of aerosol bug spray on the shelf. It will only kill the ants you spray directly and will do little to kill the colony. In fact, it could actually make your ant problem worse.

First Things First

A simple inspection of the exterior of your home could reveal clues as to why you see ants inside. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for:

  • Tree branches touching the roof
  • Damp areas created by clogged gutters
  • Leaf debris near the foundation

Damp areas invite ant colonies into your yard, and the tree branches can provide a convenient, protected bridge to your home. Just eliminating these things will force ants away from your home without the use of pesticides.

Baiting Ants

If you find none of the items described above, study the ants themselves. It’s not necessary to know what type of ant you are seeing; only what they’re eating. Your next step is to bait the ants. The meal you feed the workers will be taken back to the queen and exterminate the entire colony.

Deciding what bait to use depends on what you observe the ants eating. Some prefer sweets; others consume proteins and carbohydrates. If in doubt, the biggest offenders inside homes are usually sweet ants. Find baits that are similar to what you see them eating and position them close to the ant trails. You can find baits at your local hardware or home improvement store in liquid, gel, or granule formats. If you can also set the bait near ants on the exterior of your home, it will help to prevent them from making it inside.

After placing the baits, monitor them every day. Then, refill them when you see they’re almost gone. The key is to keep feeding them until the queen and the colony die. Be patient. This process can take days or weeks to work.

If you’ve taken these steps and still need a little help, contact Universal Pest Control. You can find us on the web at or by calling (386) 673-1557. Good luck and thanks for listening.

Todd Stebleton is the owner and operator of Universal Pest Control, a family-owned business for over 25 years in Ormond Beach, Florida. He and his wife Natalie are proud to have built a company focused on conducting business with honesty and integrity: keeping customers first, protecting the environment, and providing trustworthy, personal service.

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